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Kitchen Appreciation & Benefits Fee Explanation 

At Study Hall, we believe in a culture of kindness. We only hire caring, generous and nice people. We have high expectations of our team, but the most important standard is to be kind. 

As we often say, “it is possible to train a person to bartend or cook, but you can’t train them to be nice.” 

It is in this spirit, and as a solution to skyrocketing costs and antiquated Massachusetts laws regarding the division of tips, we are proud to implement a 5% kitchen appreciation fee and a 2.5% benefits fee. These fees will be added to all checks.

We are a restaurant that cares for our team and our guests. These fees are a way to help address the wage disparity in the restaurant industry, as well as, keep up with the increased cost of living.

We feel it is our responsibility to ensure every team member make a livable wage since we are all Study Hall family.

How are the fees used?

We divide the 5% Kitchen Appreciation fee amongst each hourly member of our kitchen staff, based on hours worked, much like a traditional tip pool. By doing this, we ensure the wage gap is essentially eliminated and demonstrating to our team that each position at the restaurant is truly valued. 

Along with Study Hall’s benefit contribution, the 2.5% benefits fee helps provide exceptional medical and dental benefits. As wonderful and rewarding as the restaurant industry can be, quality of life is often an overlooked privilege. This allows the restaurant to give back to a team that is deserving of such respect and offer a better option than state sponsored health care.

Why not just increase the prices on the menu?

We could raise our prices, however, by implementing a kitchen appreciation fee, the kitchen team is directly benefitting each week. However, more significant than that, is our desire to be transparent and open with our guests about the philosophy behind the fees. We believe an honest explanation of the fees regarding what they are being used for and who benefits from them is truly important. So essentially, we are “raising our prices,” but doing so in a way that is honest, transparent, and truly beneficial to everyone.

At Study Hall 101, our mission is to use locally sourced, non-GMO, organic ingredients whenever possible, only use biodegradable, compostable or recyclable paper products and to ensure comparable living wages amongst the team. We also donate a portion of all sales to local school districts to further extra-curricular learning.

More Questions?

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about the policy. We would be happy to explain why we believe this model is necessary and the affect it makes on our team’s quality of life and hopefully the restaurant industry as a whole!